Brett D Bourquin

Technical Expert



Brett 'twas born and raised in Arkansas. He earned a Computer Science Degree from Arkansas Tech University with an emphasis in Language Design. He is know for his high-energy, confidance, and infectious enthusiasm for technology. On his off time he enjoys indie games, playing with his children,loving his wife, and messing around with frameworks on his raspberry pi(s).


Technical Expert

Cloud Powered Organization, working on platform services for developers

  • OneOps Tomcat pack owner
  • API Management w/DataPower Appliances

E4 Specialist

1-142nd Field Artillery HQ/C/B Batteries

  • 16 month tour Iraq with C Battery (Winter 2005-Spring 2007)[Operation Iraqi Freedom]


Sitting Board Member

Provide guidance on fostering and placement of pugs as well as organize events and fundraising efforts

  • Fostered 20+ pugs
  • Fail-fostered 'Nemo'
  • Helped create the dns for ''
  • Currently the tech support for the organization


Free Code Camp

01/2016 - Present

Full Stack Web Development Certification, Computer Software Engineering

Arkansas Tech University

08/2002 - 05/2008

Bachelor Computer and Information Sciences